Hair reconstruction surgery

Hair Hospital by Dr. Felix Popescu is the first clinic in which hair and eyebrow restoration was successfully performed on patients with graphed skin and post-burn scars, with the help of improved manual FUE technique. The outstanding results helped the patients in social reintegration.

We are the first to standardize hair reconstruction as first option technique in restoring appearance for patients with scalp and face burns.

Real natural hairs can be restored to reduce or eliminate multiple visible scar types including hair transplant line scars from traditional old style hair restoration.

The results obtained in our clinic are highly appreciated at all international congresses.

We thus decided to make our services available in a new modern location.

What distinguishes us from other hair clinics?

At Hair Hospital, all stages of hair transplantation, namely, anesthesia, extraction (using advanced FUE) and implantation of hair grafts, are very carefully done EXCLUSIVELY BY HIGHLY TRAINED DOCTORS, not by simple technicians, as in the case of other clinics.

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