The first premium clinic dedicated to hair reconstruction with a capacity of 8 intervention rooms. Exclusive location near Herastrau Park, away from traffic but with easy access. Extremely warm and friendly atmosphere. 5 medical teams highly specialized in extremely difficult cases.

Technology. Standard. Mission

“As a plastic surgeon, I place the utmost confidence in my own hands. The best hair transplant results can only be achieved through 100% manually performed techniques. In our Hospital for Hair Reconstructive Surgery, we perform all interventions entirely manually and we guarantee them for life. As such, we have elevated this technique to an art level for the benefit of our patients.” – dr. Felix Popescu

The Hospital for Hair Reconstructive Surgery, certified by the Ministry of Health, Public Health Authority and Romanian College of Physicians, meets the highest European standards. Our presence as lecturers at various international congresses brings added recognition at international level.

We are actively involved pro bono in the rehabilitation of the victims caught in the massive fire at Colectiv and we are proud to be part of this project. Hair transplants on skin grafts were first performed in our clinic. The extraordinary results in hair reconstructive surgery pushed us a leaders in this area within the international capillary surgery community. Over 30 projects with Colectiv survivors and other dozens of projects with survivors of other fires across Europe are part of our portfolio.